Aftermarket N64 analog module parts tier list – 4.2

module parts: Various internal parts of the N64 controller

Individual Part replacements 

The below list names all the major websites where you can buy or pre-order individual replacement N64 module parts.

3rd party module parts: Possible (Unless confirmed) C tier and below 2/10 – 7/10 replacements*

Keep in mind that unless it states confirmed, these are all unconfirmed until tested.

Ubermicro (CONFIRMED – See Kitsch-bent)

StangBoy (REVIEW IN PROGRESS – In stock)

Kitsch Bent (CURRENTLY REVIEWING – In stock

PRINTom3d (CONFIRMED – 84/100 by – Review below – In stock)

GenovaGames (Not reviewed) – In stock)

3rd Party A-tier module parts: Possible (unless confirmed) 7/10 and above (CONFIRMED – 72/100 by – Review below – In stock):

Shapeways (Not reviewed)/Currently testing)

  • I previously marked these as below 7/10 as El Man has noted inconsistency with these parts. In addition, they are other mentions on the internet of their subpar replacements/inconsistencies. HOWEVER, I am currently testing some items from shapeways so watch this spot.

3rd party S tier module parts: 10/10 sexy confirmed.

Steelsticks (CONFIRMED – ((Grade A bowl only) 97/100 by – Review below – Out of stock):

El Man64 (Not reviewed – Out of stock):

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