What is WTFWiki?

Mission statement

Version 2 (WTFWiki) acknowledgements and foreword

Here we are, reflecting on the journey from posting the N64 mega guide on theelite.net to now, presenting the mission statement on WTFWiki.

The decision to transition from hosting this and other information on WTFParts.info to creating WTFWiki.info was driven by the need for a broader scope. While WTFParts focuses on speedrunning and speedrun-related content, it had limitations in terms of information and room for expansion. My previous website provider offered limited page customization options, prompting the search for something more flexible and cost-effective. By self-hosting a WordPress-formatted website, I gain greater flexibility, making it easier to implement changes or additions as needed. The Mission statement has not changed, the information will always be free and powered by mine, and the communities desire to understand how how the N64 analogue stick works.

My misson is to achieve a larger scope, involve guest editors, and reduce costs. The merge, currently in progress, will take some time. However, it will result in the existence of two distinct entities;



The former being a store front and my content creation.

The later being information for the wider N64 community, stick information, reviews and guides.

The mission statement is still the same and my intentions are still open source. If I find or know any new information about N64 controller history or techniques I will post them. Of coure there will be some exceptions due to trying to innovate myself. However, these will be few and far between and if there are any gaps… let me know. I will add them 🙂

I just wanna thank a few people who I made all this possible: Han <3, Griffin, Gamerjerome, BHG, Blue Khakis, Sayanora, Irie, Mamel, Jwaterman, Dan O, Dyna, WHiteted, Widdershins, ImperfectDark, Krikkz and the whole Krikkz team, Rockergaming, The whole of the N64 Parts Creators Forum, TideKing, Tyler, the whole of the OCB Dojo, Eric P, The whoel of Outerheaven, my Twitch subs and followers, ScottyAV, Snickering I WILL ADD YOU IF I HAVENT THANKED YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE <3

Intro and purpose for work

The goal of this work is to provide a comprehensive source for all N64 joystick knowledge, resources, and serve as a central hub for maintaining the best (and in some peoples opinion) worst joystick in gaming history. It surprised me how challenging it was to find a good joystick, despite the ability to purchase one. However, The issue wasn’t lack of availability, but rather the difficulty in identifying trustworthy sellers who claimed to offer “AMAZING NEW N64 CONTROLLERS,” only to deliver a GameCube joystick awkwardly crammed in to a controller or a mediocre used N64 joystick.

In this work, I will explore the current state of joystick availability, covering both OEM joysticks and third-party replacements. I will also delve into repair techniques and, most importantly, provide guidance on how to properly maintain your joystick once you’ve obtained it.


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