N64 parts compatibility matrix (v.1.0):

This is the first release of my N64 parts compatibility matrix based on what I have reviewed. All the scores in one place for an easy digest of scores featured in my N64 parts review series.

I first made this post way back in 2021 when I was just starting out. I did get some feedback that this was a little tricky to read so let me explain. Each combination consists of 3 parts, Stick, Gears, Bowl. If a part in a row is highlighted green that makes up a part of the combination. The top row is numbered to show what combination number is being looked at. The total row is the score that the combination scored overall.

So for example, if you scroll down to the very bottom combination (OEM stick, OEM gears, SS64 bowl) that has scored a 97/100. Or another example, in the KB parts and T3D row, the 4 combination consists of KB stick, T3D gears and T3D Bowl and scored a 75/100.

The N64 parts compatibility matrix is a bit tricky to read but I want to update this fully!

First published: 28/12/2021 – Edited 26/05/2023

compatibility matrix


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