3rd party N64 controller alternatives – 3.3

3rd party: Brawer controller

There are several 3rd party alternatives to the standard OEM controller available in the world. In this section, we will explore options for those seeking a more contemporary and modern to experience along side your retro games.

3rd party replacement: Good tier to amazing tier. 

In the original version of this document, I avoided looking at these 3rd party/redesigned controllers as they were not fit for use for the Goldeneye community. However, Goldeneye isn’t the only N64 speed game around and I would like to give these a try. I will aim to review these in time, I just need to get hold of them 😀

Retro Fighters Brawler64 (Not reviewed)

3rd party: Brawler64 controller



Retro-Bit Tribute64 (Not reviewed)

3rd party: Retrobit controller


  • http://retro-bit.com/tribute64-n64-forest-green.html
    • A handy little pad that also has a wireless and USB edition alongside its N64 counterpart. Based of the Hori Mini Pad, but with a more accessible price point.
    • Again, suffers from extended range issues which make it great for some games but not others


Hori Mini Pad (Not reviewed)



  • Considered the “holy grail” of N64 controller replacement, the Hori Mini pad is now a rarity that spawned the 3rd party replacement that is the Tribute64. You can still get these Hori Pads on the 2nd hand market but they are starting to cost upwards to £100 now. This is probably the best time to try and find one as these will only increase in price
  • These are used in Super Smash Bros and Super Mario 64 for bowser throws, usually in conjunction with a switcher box for controller switching on the fly

3rd party replacement: Good to… well, trash tier, maybe?

There are a few other 3rd party replacement full build controllers, however, alot of these are strange 3rd party builds, have no branding and are wildly random….. because who knows what’s in them lol.

Jokes aside, I will slowly gather these and test them, however most of these are irrel and what’s been mentioned in these guides are alot more rel.

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